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 Real American Roots & Ecologies

Eat Food, Not Fodder.

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Chemical-free, nutrient-dense Vegetables & Fruit

 Directly supports REAL, local farmers

It is all

ONLY grass-fed or pasture-raised meats & grass-fed dairy

November R.A.R.E. Box

Delivery Date: Tuesday, November 8th 2022

Each item listed is prepared for 6-8 adult servings.  All food is gluten-free, uses grass-fed/pasture-raised meat & dairy (if required), is grown using chemical-free & regenerative agricultural methods, and is prepared and stored for the highest optimal nutrient content possible.  Look forward to eating healthy!

November RARE-Box Menu

Items in Red - 'You Make'/Meal Kit     

       Items in Black - Prepared/Pre-assembled

Fresh Produce 

For Prepared Meals & Sides

Shiitake mushrooms, Carrots, Radishes, Mustard Greens

Day Break

Dark Chocolate, Lava-Cake Muffins

A keto-friendly dark chocolate muffin cake loaded with grass-fed, collagen peptides surround dark chocolate chips for a huge serving of antioxidants and decadent, chocolate richness.   

Banana-Walnut Muffins, Cinnamon Swirl Muffins

Classic, banana-walnut muffins made with real bananas & black walnuts.  Pop in the microwave for a sweet  

and convenient morning treat.  The cinnamon swirl muffins are packed with protein, using only half a cup of coconut flour for 12 muffins!

REAL Farm-fresh, Pasture-Raised Eggs

A dozen eggs from healthy and happy chickens raised on a mix of open pasture & organic feed.

Fresh Baked Loaf of Bread

A loaf of gluten-free, homemade bread baked the morning you receive your RARE-Box.  This is a light and fluffy bread that is beneficial for the digestive tract, and can be prepared for both sweet and savory uses.

High Noon

Roasted Pumpkin Fall Soup

Classic Pumpkin Soup.  Pumpkin is roasted and then pureed into an orange soup that is then mixed with coconut cream and fresh herbs from the garden.

Massaged Kale, Collard & Swiss Chard Salad

Chopped Collards, Swiss Chard & Kale are mechanically broken down and infused with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.  Slices of mango and red onion top the salad, for a kick of color on the phytonutrient-rich green salad base.

Sweet Potato Fries

A mix of sweet potatoes, some red, some Japanese white, are chopped into 'fry' shapes and baked in a paprika seasoning.  A homemade remoulade comes on the side for a dipping sauce.


Pasture-Raised Pork Chili Verde

Yonah Mountain Farms 12-hour, slow cooked pork is simmered in a cilantro broth and mixed with green tomatoes, tomatillos, sweet peppers and an assortment of chilis.

Veggie & Mushroom Pad Thai Noodles

Fall veggies and locally-grown shiitake mushrooms are sauteed in a homemade pad thai sauce with soft, rice noodles.

Pumpkin Lasagna

A creamy, pumpkin sauce interlaces layers of gluten-free noodles, fresh spinach, goat cheese, a cauliflower-cashew & dairy risotto, with an occasional handful of grass-fed mozzarella cheese mixed with chopped, fresh sage.  A red wine-tomato sauce comes on the side for the more traditional lasagna lovers.

Shepherd's Pie & Gravy

Bison & Grass-fed/finished beef are sauteed with onions, carrots, garlic & peas, and then followed with a thick layer of buttered mashed potatoes & cauliflower.  Grass-fed cheese is sprinkled on top, finished with a homemade mushroom gravy.


Pear Pie with Cinnamon-Crumb Topping

A mixture of North Carolina, organic and chemical-free pears are sliced, diced and grated and then mixed with honey and cinnamon in this gluten-free, amazing  pie.  It is actually our favorite pie the year!  Topped with a sweet, oatmeal crumble.

We proudly grow in our Dillard community on Real American Roots Eco-Farm.  We thank you so much for your support and please direct any comments, suggestions or critiques to

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