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Lend A Hand


Before the advent of poisonous agrichemicals, farmers needed a BIG family to help produce quality food.  Outside of the rigged economic conditions that make it harder for real farmers to make a profit, the costs of even having one child nowadays is enormous.  So why not spend one weekend this year helping raise a barn, or transplanting tomatoes on a beautiful, sunny morning?  Or maybe you're antsy in retirement after spending decades working in business, construction, marketing, law or engineering.  Maybe you have an eye for design or would like to know more about growing your own food.  Then spend some time on a farm!  The feeling we get by being able to help a person who deserves to be helped is one of the greatest joys in life.  Not only can you make connections, build community, be truly appreciated and feel you have contributed to making the world a better place, but you will begin to learn the practical and academic challenges real farmers must face everyday.  Three people helping with even an hour of weeding has just saved that farmer over half a day of work.  Contact the farmer ahead of time to discuss how you think you can help out.

On the RARE Farm Community Bulletin Board, farmers will post about projects or upcoming events that they could use help on.  Look for the 'hand'        symbol, and a brief description of the type of help (legal, construction, general, etc...) needed will be shown as well as any associated dates or additional details. Start checking this Lend A Hand page in November 2023 for future updates and volunteer opportunities as we start to build the RARE Farm, organize help for fellow real farmers, and connect community members with each other using the talents and skills God has blessed with with. 

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