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Our Mission

           We want to bring non-farmers the kind of food REAL farmers, and those that live around them, get to enjoy.  A REAL farmer does not plant 1,000 acres of soybeans or corn - a real farmer plants a diversity of species and uses methods like crop rotations, compost and manure additions, natural pest management and saving seeds to ensure healthy crops and most importantly, healthy soil. 

            REAL farmers do not get government subsidies, or use corporate handouts, and so must work 100X harder than Big Ag farmers with less capital, labor and help.  REAL farmers are experts in their particular bio-region, and possess a wealth of knowledge capital that will be crucial for us to rely on as we face unprecedented climatic  & societal changes in the coming years.  These are the folks who are preserving our biodiversity, filtering toxins out of our soil, and saving the seeds that people before us have spent thousands of years carefully selecting for.  And these heroes of the land need our help.

            At Real American Roots, we support these farmers by buying their produce, and you support them every time you purchase a RAREBox.  Besides the fact that is the most flavorful, healthy and nutrient dense produce you can find, I hope it also makes you feel as if your dollars are going to some of the most decent and hard working people I have ever met.  Our dream is to set up local R.A.R.E. networks across the Southeast, and maybe one day, across the nation.  A portion of every sale from a RAREBox goes into a savings account that one of our farmers will win in a 'lottery' at the end of the year, so that they can buy a tractor attachment or be able to build a public toilet for visitors to use when they visit their farm.  The more RAREBoxes we can sell, the more help we can provide for the people protecting our planet and filling our bellies with food, not fodder.

           Jesse went on a small farm road trip last summer and visited over 20 REAL farmers in 7 states across the Southeast.  The reality is, 90% of these farms are struggling and three she spoke with planned on closing this year.  If you trust that the government is going to 'save' our soil and support our small farmers, then we fear you may have misplaced your trust.  We have to take action into our hands, or nobody will.  And we're proud to say, we believe that is the American way.

       Currently we are in talks with the North Georgia Food Bank and some local schools to try to set up an educational farm.  We hope to teach younger generations about the basics of growing food and complementary 'real world' farm skills, as well as try to integrate some of the classroom academics into the farm.  We hope to run some on-farm experiments exploring different regenerative agricultural techniques and provide a place where the increasingly important knowledge of real farmers and locals from the region can be showcased.  Hopefully we will have more on this to share with you in the future!

The RARE Farm: Our Journey

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