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How It Works

We want each box to be flexible with your lifestyle.  We designed our RAREBoxes to provide delicious, healthy and quick food for 4 days of the week (e.g., Monday - Thursday), allowing you to go out of town or dine out for the weekend without feeling guilty about not eating half of the vegetables you bought at a Farmer's Market or traditional CSA. 

All prepared foods are made with the ingredients available that week on the farm or in the area (at other chemical-free farms).  Food is harvested 48 hours or less before you receive a RAREBox, ensuring the highest nutrient content.  No artificial chemicals have EVER been used on our Farm, and all prepared foods are gluten-free, use only grass-fed dairy (if required), are cooked at low temperatures and ONLY use grass-fed butter, avocado oil and coconut oil as fats.

The information below is how we HOPE to manage things in the future.  For 2022, THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: 

1) We contact you to see if you would like a Box

2) You confirm your Box at least FIVE (5) DAYS before the delivery date listed on the homepage  (under 'This Month's RARE Box')

3)  2-3 days before the delivery date (listed on the home page), we contact you to arrange a delivery method & time that works for both parties (group meet-up point or home delivery) and we collect payment (cashapp, venmo, check, cash) when you recieve your Box.

We are using this first year to figure out how to optimize our logistics in a manner that is most convenient and inexpensive for you! Thank y'all so much for your support and we are so happy to be able to truly nourish our friends, family and community.

Dollar Bills

Price Comparison

We used online menus of Atlanta area restaurants and online specialty baked items to create a general price comparison of the food items to the RARE-Box.  Keep in mind, the superior nutritional and flavor profiles of our farm food has not been included in the comparison.  The website is still being updated so this information may not be exactly on point.  If anything, the value of the Box has only increased.

Competitor Pricing
1 Gallon of Grass-fed, RAW, non-homogenized 'pet' milk*
Unaware of any current sources, past sources : $20
On-the-Go Breakfast
518 Kitchen : 'Keto Veggie Quiche', $8.49/serving, $8.49 x 4 = $33.96
4 Servings of Fresh Fruit from the Blue Ridge Area
Instacart : 'Homegrown Organic Farms Organic Blueberries', $7.99
Healthy (but delicious) Dessert made with Seasonal Fruit
Las Delicias Patisserie : 'Gluten Free Blueberry Crumb', $42
2 servings of a Vegetarian Entree made with Seasonal Ingredients
Herban Fix : 'Creamy Curry Broth with tofu, vegetables & cashews', $24 x 2 = $48
2 servings of an Entree made with Pasture-raised/Grass-fed/Healthy Meat(s)
Apres Diem : 'Grass Fed Beef Burger', $15 x 2 = $30
Locally Grown or Wild Mushrooms
The Garden International : 'Fresh Lion's Mane Box, 2 Qt', $12
Additional Farm Products (Canned Vegetables, Marinara Sauce, Raspberry Jam, Local Raw Milk Cheese, etc....)
Etsy : 'Mixed Vegetable Pickles', $11
A Dozen Eggs (when available)
Whole Foods : 'Organic, Pasture-Raised Eggs', $7.99
1 Small Bouquet of Week's Wild & Cut Flowers
Whole Foods : 'Floral Petite Bouquet', $12
Collection of Wild Edibles
InstaCart : 'Organic Dandelion Greens' $4.50 + Etsy : 'Fresh Burdock Root' $12 = $16.50
Loaf of Home-baked, Gluten-free Bread
'Etsy' : Classic Sourdough Bread, $15/loaf
Seasonal Salad with Dressing
'Cafe Bistro'; $16/Cilantro Lime Salad , 4 x $16 = $64
Artisan Soup made with Farm Ingredients
'Cafe Bistro' $8.25/cup of soup, 4 x $8.25 = $33
Four servings of 6-10+ Fresh & Nutrient-rich Vegetables or Fruit
32 organic vegetables from Whole Foods = $2.50 x $32 = $80

The value of each box is based on the competitor pricing in the green table above.

Value           $413.50  

OUR Price         $239.99

 1) Contact, Confirm, Pay & Schedule

How to Order
Urban Gardening

3.  Get Your Box

Pick-Up & Delivery Options

Pick-Up Options (no charge)

Where                     When                             Notes

3+ Boxes
If there is a location convenient for 3 or more RAREBox orders (a workplace, neighborhood, intersection, etc...), we will arrange a pickup time and deliver your Box free of charge.
Dillard, GA : RARE Farm
Tuesdays, 12:00PM - 5:00PM
Come meet us on the Farm! There is plenty of parking in the Head of TN Baptist Church parking lot.
Lake Rabun, GA : Hall's Boat House
Tuesdays, 12:00-2:00PM
If we are not there to greet you, we will leave a locked cooler in the Old Pavillion (across from the bathrooms). We will text you the lock code at the time of payment confirmation, and Thursday evening with your pickup reminder.
Decatur, GA : Dekalb Farmer's Market
Wednesdays, 6:30PM - 9:00PM
Conveniently pick up your RAREBox and get some additional groceries too! We will meet you in the parking lot, and chat beforehand for a specific time.
Gwinett, GA : Gwinett Arena
Tuesdays, 5:00PM - 8:30PM
Rob plays Ping-Pong here, and will be available to bring your Box to you anytime between 5-8:30.

Personal Delivery Options (free for the moment)

30 miles from 
Saturday 4:00PM - 8PM

30 miles off our 
Atlanta Route
Sunday  10:00AM - 6PM

For a fee of $20-$25 (depending on gas prices), we will deliver your basket directly to your home if you are over 30 miles outside of Clayton, GA.  

For a fee of $20-$25 (depending on gas prices), we will deliver your basket directly to your home as agreed upon at the time of payment.  We do not have a fleet of transport drivers or vehicles, but we will do our best to work out the logistics to bring your RAREBox if you cannot meet us at a local pickup point or if you need us t o meet you at another time.

We schedule our pickup options so that folks can receive their RAREBoxes with produce picked less than 24 hours beforehand.  If you can't meet at a Pick-Up spot, for an additional fee, we can directly deliver your Box to your home.  (This may not apply for the year 2022, text Rob or Jesse to find out more).

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