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FarmBNB & Agritourism

Want to try a new type of vacation?  Or maybe you need to spend the night in a rural spot without many hotels.  Why not stay the night on a farm?  You can support real farmers just by having relaxing weekend on a farm.  Or maybe you just want something to do beyond the usual tourist traps on a long road trip.  Why not try meditating by the pond, hanging out with the goats, watching the plants grow, learning how to plant a seed, or learning how to milk a cow?  On a real farm, the possibilities are endless.  And you get to leave with a bunch of nutritious, delicious food that you won't probably won't be able to find much of on vacation...

We have gathered enough farmers in our local area with the ability to offer private lodging quarters to justify building an independent 'FarmBNB' site, but at the moment, just look for the 'farm' category on when you're taking or planning your next vacation.  We are currently encouraging real farmers to build overnight residences for guests, and will be able to provide a site to explore much more farm experiences soon!  Your donations help us assist real farmers in being able to build these future FarmBNB's, because it involves a lot more than just a structure; we need an electrician, a plumber, and a carpenter all working up to code, and clearance and approval by every local government authority.  Jesse actually just spoke up at a Rabun County Chamber of Commerce meeting that was recently held to help secure the rights of our local famers to even host future FarmBNB's!  One thing she learned from her road trip was that the little extra income these guest residences provided for the farmers, was incredibly important in allowing the farmers to continue their profession.


Additionally, there will be a large sign on the RARE Farm where we will be highlighting names, visiting hours and additional contact information about all the local food producer operations, wildlife centers, self-sufficiency institutes and other ecologically-minded entities in our region.  

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